Abstract submission report

Dear ISoP Annual Meeting subscribers,

greetings from Pisa! This small report is being issued to update you about the abstract submission status. We received 338 contributions from 48 Countries representing all the 5 Continents (see the table below)


Argentina Germany DR Congo Portugal Thailand
Australia Ghana Malaysia Romania The Netherlands
Belgium Greece Mali Saudi Arabia Tunisia
Benin Hong Kong Mexico Serbia Turkey
Bosnia Herzegovina India Morocco Singapore UK
Brazil Indonesia Nepal South Korea Uruguay
Bulgaria Iraq Norway Spain USA
Canada Ireland Pakistan Sweden Zambia
Croatia Israel Paraguay Switzerland  
France Italy Peru Taiwan  


65 abstracts have been submitted by presenters under 30-year-old. Therefore it is expected that the conference will be attended by many young researchers.

10 reviewers from both the Scientific Committee and the ISoP Executive Committee are currently evaluating the content of each contribution, but the selection will be very difficult because the scientific quality is particularly high. Authors will receive a communication of acceptance with allocation as oral communication or poster presentation between June 15thand June 21st .

Your confirmation of acceptance must be e-mailed directly to the conference secretariat ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) by June 25th.


Thank you very much for your interest in the ISoP Annual Meeting!



Marco Tuccori
Marco Tuccori
Corrado Blandizzi
Corrado Blandizzi
Hervé Le Louet
Hervé Le Louet